Brochu Orthodontics has been successfully improving the smiles of our patients since 1977. After surgery or any method of realigning your teeth, such as braces, it is important that a custom retainer be made to hold your teeth in position. At Brochu Orthodontics, our state of the art retainers are designed to keep your teeth from returning to the position they were in before your braces or surgical procedure.

At Brochu Orthodontics, we understand that after the removal of your braces, your teeth are not set in stone. Our retainers our designed to hold your teeth in place while the bones and ligaments re-adjust around the new position of your teeth. The best part about Brochu retainers is that as time goes on, our patients need to wear their retainers less and less. The retainer process is a rewarding way of easing yourself out of your years of committed orthodontic care, and into a brand new smile.

We offer several different types of retainers for our patients. Right after the removal of braces, it is most common that a patient will receive a Hawley retainer, or an Essix retainer. Our Hawley retainers are custom made out of strong metal and molded acrylic. For a more inconspicuous look, patients can choose an Essix retainer, which is made out of strong, clear plastic. Towards the end of the orthodontic treatment process, it is not uncommon for clients to receive a permanent retainer, which is comfortably glued to the back of your teeth for guaranteed retention. If you have any further questions, please call one of our office at (847) 367-7150.