Dental Emergencies Happen

In the event of an emergency, you can call Dr. Brochu to schedule an emergency appointment. Our office should be contacted immediately if your teeth or appliances have been damaged in an accident.

After calling our office, you will be offered the first available time slot that day. To reach us in case of an emergency, call our Spring Grove location at (815) 675-0161 or our Libertyville location at (847) 367-7150. In the event of an after-hours emergency, Dr. Brochu is available to meet should you require immediate attention. Dr. Brochu’s home phone number is available on the office answering machine.

What Constitutes an Emergency

We understand that accidents happen, and are proud to offer the finest orthodontic service we can to ensure the safety of your smile. In light of an emergency, Dr. Brochu’s philosophy is his patients should be informed and prepared to temporarily solve the issue until returning to our office. Found below is a list of possible emergencies and temporary solutions:

  • Loose Band or Bracket- if still attached, apply wax to alleviate discomfort. If completely removed, put in a safe place and schedule an appointment
  • Broken Arch Wire- Call for an emergency appointment
  • Loose Wire- Attempt to place the wire back into the molar band- place wax over the end of the wire
  • Poking Wire- Attempt to tuck the wire out of the way with the end of a smooth object- apply wax to the sharp ends
  • Lost Tie-Wire or Elastic Tie- simply notify an assistant at your next appointment
  • Soreness- warm salt-water rinses, Advil, Motrin, Tylenol
  • Accidents Injuring Teeth- Contact Dr. Brochu immediately

Our office is open Monday through Friday and alternating Saturdays. A time slot is held open each day in case an emergency does occur, so please call as soon as you can to ensure a quick fix to your problem. Call us at (815) 675-0161 or (847) 367-7150.