Your Orthodontic Visit

At Brochu Orthodontics, we take pride in making sure each patient is fully prepared and knowledgeable about the orthodontic process, appointments, and procedures. An informational packet will be sent to your home upon scheduling your first appointment. Patients can go to our forms page to print the forms and complete them for their first appointment. Below is a time-table of what to expect for each of your appointments. Please check our website or call our office for hours and locations.

10 minutes or less -Placement of molar bands– 3 days before banding appointment

Retention Visit– quick visits after debanding, check retainer and shifting of teeth

Quick check-ups, questions, etc..

15-20 minutes 1st appointment– Initial exam and paperwork

2nd appointment– Completion of diagnostic records, x-rays/molds of teeth

3rd appointment- Consultation. Explanation of treatment plan, decision for treatment, possible placement of molar bands

Regular monthly adjustment visits– touch ups, tightening, fixing level of comfort

Retainer fitting– one week after debanding appointment

1-2 hours 4th appointment– Banding appointment, placement of braces, time may vary

Removal of braces– time may vary